Geneviève Dartevelle, big harmonica fanatic before the Everlasting, has been playing blues harmonica since the 90es, without however restricting herself to this particular type of music.
She enjoys playing all kinds of blues from its most acoustic form to its wildest electric one. She loves Chicago Blues as well as Mississippi blues, or the more party-oriented Swing and jump blues or rockabilly, rock, country, folk, cajun or zydeco…the whole variety of American roots music.

After her studies, she had the opportunity to follow some ‘master classes’ in 1994 and 1995 with Th.Crommen and J.J.Milteau, but she is primarily a self-taught harmonica player, training herself listening to almost everything she could find, and playing again and again with many bands and countless musicians, and guess what? She has never stopped ever since.

Geneviève is probably the 1st and still the only female blues harmonica player who’s been performing almost professionally in Belgium for 15 years. During her concerts, you will love the crazy, the wild, the raw and impetuous solos she will treat you to, filled with imagination and with all the passion she is driven by.

Since she started performing in the 90es, she had the opportunity to play with various bands such as :
The Melotone Blues Trio (1993-1994)
Blues Barock ( 1995)
The Backsliders (1995-1998)
Express Electric Band ( 1996-2000) (CD release :‘Rien à personne’ Blawete Record 1997)
Double Dose (1997-2000) (CD release : ‘Have the Double Dose you like’)
Charlie Roy Blues band (1999-2003)
Gamelle Blues ( 2007-2008) (CD release : ‘Gamelle Blues’ self- production
The Excello’s ( Swing,Jump Blues ) (2000 – 2009)
The Hobo Jungle ( Roots and pre-war blues ) (2008 – 2009 )

Today, she regularly performs with different bands she is an integral part of :

The Bluesdealers ( Blues and Boogie ) ( 2007 – now )
Duo with Jos Steen ( Surrealistic and multi-instrumentalist artist ) ( 2008 – now ) ( First CD : ‘ Hard Boiled Blues’ Sojneets Production 2009 coming soon ).
Duo with Bob Christopher ( Blues and Boogie )

She also accompanies musicians who regularly ask her for gigs, jams or recording sessions.
She had the opportunity to play and still plays with artists such as : Renaud Patigny ( Boogie woogie ), Fabrice Eulry, Bob Christopher, Marc Lelangue, P.Van Sant, The Coco Brothers, Kleptomania, Wim Hombergen, Maurizio Pugno…..
A few trip in the USA ( Chicago, San Francisco, New York ) allowed her to meet and play with musicians like Anthony Paul, RJ.Mischo, Red Archibald, Steve Freud, Johnny Nitro, Tail Dragger…….
She is also an ‘American roots music’ enthusiast who loves ‘folk music’, Old time music, bluegrass, cajun, zydeco…and Jazz that has a bigger and bigger influence on her development as an artist.
She also plays didgeridoo, musical saw and mandoline.

A few gigs she played :

Opening for : Peter Nathanson, Mike Welch, Bill Perry, Nine below Zero, Otis Grand, Machiavel, Kleptomania, Centromatic and South San Gabriel, Tad Robinson and Alex Schultz.
Harmonica Festival ‘ Harmo Liège’ (B) in 1995, 1998, 2002 and 2008
Brussel Piano Summit ‘ Boogie Woogie Festival’ (B) in 2004 and 2008
Acosse Blues-Rock Festival (B) in 1995 and 2006
Machel’s Blues Festival (B) in 2003, 2004 and 2009
Blues Rock festival, Pepinster (B)
7ème International Festival of Jazz and Blues, Congress Palace, Liège (B) (1997 )
Opening the Ecaussinnes ‘ Spring Blues Festival’(B) with Marc Lelangue in 2006
Chiny’s Intercultural Festival of ‘ Stories and Traditions ‘, (B) in 2008
Brockxlatonium, Rockabilly Festival, Brussel (B) in 2008
‘Tremplin du Blues’ of the ‘Jazz and Blues’ Festival in Nantes 2008 (F) : Geneviève and The ‘Excello’s’ finished 2nd with a studio time prize )
Europa Jazz Festival in le Mans (F) 2008
The Blues compagny , The Spirit in Rotterdam (NL) in 2004, 2005, 2008
The ‘Sang A Klang’ ( Luxembourg )
Spirit of 66 ( Vervier ) (B)
The World harmonica Festival 2009 in Trossingen in Germany !
Rallies, Kroegentoch, Cultural Centers, Clubs, Bars…

A few radio shows :

Rock A Gogo , Classic 21 Belgium ( Pierpont); ‘Fun c’est du belge’ ( JP.Siesmans ; Radio Campus, radio ULB ( Good Morning Blues ); ‘Conviviale Poursuite’ radio and TV program of Ph.Lantin; Classic 21 Blues , Radio 21( 2008, 2009) with Fr.Delvaux…..
Participation in the film ‘ Little City Blues’ (2008) of Peter Anger about musiciens in Brussel, product° rtbf 2009 and the film ‘Quai des belges’ of Adja Lahbib 2010.

Since then she has been developing her talents as a musician, as an instrumentalist, as an artist, and has remained active as much as possible, active to the point of “s’en ruiner les babines…”!

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